VR Artscape

Visit my personal virtual art gallery below. Designed for VR Headsets and desktop computers (for the very best experience). Use the WASD keys to move around, and left mouse button drag to rotate (on Apple Mac, command key and mouse to drag). Click on the artworks to purchase my NFTs. Or contact me for my real world artworks or a VR Art Gallery of your own!

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Virtual Reality Art Galleries

The gallery art space is ripe for disruption. Virtual reality and the decreasing cost of VR headsets provide for a new way to view and buy artwork over the internet.

Physical galleries require a physical space. That means rent, electrical lighting, heating, cooling, and a staff presence. VR viewing of art does not suffer from these additional costs.

With "Social VR" multiple individuals can view art together from anywhere in the world while sitting on their seperate sofas.

Physical art can be shipped from the artist directly to buyers through fulfillment services.

Some of my abstract canvas art just created on painting tarp outside (real world).

NFTs (at the time of this writing, they are not sustainable because of Gas Fees involved in listing, and buying art off the blockchain with Ethereum, until Ethereum 2 comes online or proof of stake tokens/currencies). However they do play into this as a financial incentive for both artists as well as collectors.

Although use of a computer or VR headset does consume some energy, it still should be substantially less than a trip to a physical art gallery, especially if that art gallery is located physically on the other side of the globe. Ultimately subscription revenues for hosting art, and other services will eventually provide for business model monetization.

{Load} Artuego NFT Gallery → Best viewed with phones

An article I wrote on Medium explains my vision in further detail: